We understand the urgent need to protect our planet. That’s why we’re taking bold steps to infuse eco-friendly practices into everything we do. By embracing cutting-edge technologies that minimise our carbon footprint and promoting mindful consumption, we’re actively working towards a greener future.

Planting Trees

In 2021 IPRS Group embarked on a journey to improve our eco-friendly practices and committed to offsetting the CO2 we anticipate our patients were creating travelling to medical appointments. Fast-forward to 2023 and IPRS MTS are committed to doing exactly the same!

We appreciate that undertaking our work creates a significant amount of CO2, anticipating that a 100 mile journey would produce almost 60KG.

In light of this, each month IPRS MTS plant trees, which over their lifetime will at a minimum offset the CO2 generated by our work!

Carbon Neutral Website

We are proud that in addition to planting trees for the journeys we undertake, our website is also carbon neutral.

Our partners at Treenation calculate our website’s emissions based on the number of visits it receives and automatically plants the trees needed to offset them.

How are

we doing?

A little look at our forest
Trees Planted
Tonnes of CO2 Captured

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Environmental Commitment? Here are some common FAQs…

How do I know that you’re really planting trees?

We’ve partnered with Treenation, you can view our forest from the link above. Here you can see details on every tree we’ve planted and even download each tree’s certificate.

Are trees efficient in capturing CO2 and fighting climate change?

Where are your trees planted?

Do you do anything other than plant trees?

IPRS MTS are aligned with the Greener NHS Programme. We are always looking at ways in which we can limit our impact on the environment whether this is a change in working practice or only using eco-friendly materials.