Specialist Bariatric Transport refers to the specialised transportation services designed to cater to the unique needs of bariatric patients who require medical assistance during transportation. Bariatric patients often face challenges accessing regular transit due to their size, mobility limitations, and potential medical complexities.

Our Bariatric Service

Highly trained and experienced medical professionals at IPRS MTS Specialise in Bariatric Patient Transport to provide medical care and support during the journey. They know bariatric patients’ specific needs and requirements, including proper positioning, monitoring vital signs, and managing any potential medical emergencies during transport.

IPRS MTS Specialist Bariatric Transport aims to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of bariatric patients between medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, or their residences. By utilising specialised vehicles and skilled medical personnel, these services aim to minimise the risks and challenges of transporting bariatric patients while ensuring their dignity, comfort, and overall well-being throughout the journey.

Overall, IPRS MTS Specialist Bariatric Patient Transport plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement and accessibility of bariatric patients, enabling them to receive necessary medical care and treatment without compromising their safety or comfort during transportation.

What does MTS mean?

MTS stands for Medical Transport Services.

How do I make an enquiry?

Who are the IPRS Group?

IPRS Group is an independent specialist organisation offering a diverse range of clinical products and services.

How experienced are your paramedics?

All MTS paramedics have at least 5-years frontline experience prior to joining us and are security cleared to counter terrorism check level.