IPRS MTS is a secure ambulance service that provides specialised safe transport options for patients with mental health issues, difficult behaviours, or other care requirements.

Our Secure Transport Services

Establishing the greatest levels of care and safety is essential to everything we do, and our 24-hour service is renowned for its expertise, professional employees, and specialised vehicles. We make certain that our staff are prepared for every circumstance, so that we can provide the appropriate amount of assistance regardless of your needs.

Patients detained in accordance with the Mental Health Act are safely transported by IPRS MTS secure division. Our Secure mental health vehicles have been equipped with Home Office Category B cells and a variety of seating arrangements appropriate for assessments and conversation during contact. We always provide a high-quality gold standard patient-centred service that is safe and reliable.  We provide services through a committed mental health team made up of highly qualified employees and equipment-built vehicles.

We know how important it is to provide customers guarantees that they will receive the highest level of service, so we offer a service that has been registered with and inspected by the CQC. Children from diverse ages and backgrounds are among the patients we care for.

We collaborate in a multi-agency structure by coordinating with other sectors such as the National Health Service (NHS), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), private hospitals, local authorities, social service organisations, and the criminal justice system.

Each member of our staff has completed the following education/training:

  • EMT/AAP leaded vehicle
  • All members of staff will be blue light trained.
  • All staff will be trained in physical intervention and disengagement.
  • Trained Uses of machinal restraints
  • Full enhanced DBS check
  • HPAC registered.
  • Annually BLS/ILS Assessments

What does MTS mean?

MTS stands for Medical Transport Services.

Who do you work with?

We work with a diverse range of organisation including NHS Trusts, Private Ambulance Services, Insurers and Private Individuals.

Who are the IPRS Group?

IPRS Group is an independent specialist organisation offering a diverse range of clinical products and services. Learn more about them here.

How experienced are your paramedics?

All MTS paramedics have at least 5-years frontline experience prior to joining us and are security cleared to counter terrorism check level.